Future Demand

Natural gas is an extremely valued resource in our society and is believed by many to be the most important energy source for the future. It is widely regarded as the cleanest of fossil fuels, and as a result, many regions are increasing their use of this resource due to environmental regulations. Energy from natural gas accounts for almost 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, making it a vital component of the nation's energy supply.

The topic of energy in the United States is near the top of today's public agenda. The Energy Information Administration in its Annual Energy Outlook 2009 estimates that natural gas demand in the United States will continue to rise for the next twenty years. It is important to note that the steady climb in demand for natural gas could accelerate as climate change legislation grows demand for low-carbon fuels such as clean natural gas.

The U.S. demand for electricity is expected to increase about 50 percent by 2030, and gas-fired electricity generation is easily the fastest-growing domestic natural gas market. Increased demand for electricity means increased natural gas demand. In addition to electricity generation, gas has many other uses, including manufacturing, chemical plants, commercial and residential use.

The availability of natural gas, worldwide as well as domestically, coupled with its environmental soundness and multiple applications across all sectors, means that natural gas is likely to continue to play an increasingly important role in meeting the demand for energy in the United States.